Affiliate Marketing

After close to 10 years of affiliate marketing experience earning over $1 million in affiliate commissions, and running one of the largest affiliate marketing YouTube channels with tens of millions of views, here are my best blog posts, tutorials, and free guides on affiliate marketing broken down by category:

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Free Guides

  1. How to Start Affiliate Marketing, step-by-step

  2. How to use ChatGPT for Affiliate Marketing

  3. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $3,000/month as a digital nomad

  4. Top 5 Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES Beginners Make

  5. Free Guide on How to Get Website Traffic

  6. 7 Interesting Affiliate Marketing Industry Statistics and Data from 2022

  7. Best Way to Make Money Online in 2023

  8. Ultimate YouTube Guide: How to get subscribers

Best Affiliate Programs and Networks

  1. Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

  2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Ultimate Beginner's Guide

  3. Is ClickBank Legit & Safe? Affiliate Program review

  4. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) Affiliate Program review

  5. Impact Radius Affiliate Program Review

  6. Walmart Affiliate Program Review

  7. eBay Partner Network: Affiliate Program review

  8. ShareASale Affiliate Network review

  9. Awin Affiliate program review

  10. AliExpress Affiliate Program review

  11. Target Affiliate Program review: Target Partners

  12. Audible Affiliate Program review

  13. GoDaddy Affiliate Program review

  14. Shopify Affiliate Program review

  15. Canva Affiliate Program review

  16. Nike Affiliate Program Review

  17. Sephora Affiliate Program Review

  18. Shein Affiliate Program review

  19. Lululemon Affiliate Program Review

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