Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: $150 Commissions (2023)

ODi Productions Sep 06, 2023
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Looking to join the Fiverr affiliate program and get paid as a blogger or influencer? is an extremely popular ecommerce marketplace for freelancers and gigs, with over 5.5 million users in 160 countries. According to Business Insider, some freelancers are even earning up to 6-figures. So, ready to learn how to get paid to promote Etsy products you love and work with the brand?

In this article, I'll be sharing my personal experience and answer frequently-asked questions such as how it works, how to sign up, commission rates, and more.

Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can apply for the official Fiverr affiliate program on their website by filling out an online application form.

Is Fiverr affiliate program free?

Yes, the Fiverr affiliate program is completely free to sign up and join.

How much do Fiverr affiliates make?

The Fiverr affiliate program pays CPA commission between $15 to $150 per qualifying sale, depending on product category, and eligible only for first-time buyers (FTB).

Here is a list of the Fiverr affiliate program product categories and the corresponding commission rates:


  • Industrial & Product Design: Graphics & Design​

  • Data Science: Data

  • Mobile Apps: Programming & Tech

  • Website Development: Programming & Tech


  • Website Builders & CMS: Programming & Tech

  • Lyric & Music Videos: Video & Animation

  • Data Processing: Data

  • Architecture & Interior Design: Graphics & Design

  • Game Development: Programming & Tech

  • Website Design: Graphics & Design


  • E-Commerce Product Videos: Video & Animation

  • 3D Product Animation: Video & Animation​

  • SEO: Digital Marketing

  • T-Shirts & Merchandise: Graphics & Design

  • Research & Summaries: Writing & Translation

  • Business Consulting: Business

  • Proofreading & Editing: Writing & Translation

  • Financial Consulting: Business

  • Producers & Composers: Music & Audio


  • Illustration: Graphics & Design

  • Gaming: Lifestyle

  • Articles & Blog Posts: Writing & Translation

  • Video Marketing: Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing: Digital Marketing

  • Resume Writing: Writing & Translation

  • Voice Over: Music & Audio

  • Short Video Ads: Video & Animation


  • All Other Categories

You can also refer other affiliates and earn 10% of every referred affiliate's earnings for a lifetime.

Pros and Cons of Fiverr affiliate


  • Up to $150 CPA commission per qualifying sale

  • Maximum Earnings: Get paid for every first-time buyer, with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution

  • Professional Support: Gain access to professional support, tutorials, and a dedicated Affiliate manager

  • Intuitive Dashboards: Easy-to-use dashboards to launch, manage and monitor campaigns

  • Creative Resources: A portfolio of high-performing creative assets to help you promote


  • Only eligible for commissions on First-time Buyers (FTB), this means that if you are able to get a repeat customer, you won't earn any more commission on those proceeding sales.

How to start Fiverr affiliate marketing and get approved?

In order to get approved for the Fiverr affiliate program, you will need a professional website or blog with a custom domain.

If you need help creating a professional affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

My personal experience and thoughts on Fiverr affiliate program. Is it worth it?

After reviewing dozens of affiliate programs, I think it's worth it to join Fiverr as an affiliate because it's completely free to join and pays up to $150 per commission, with no fees and no minimum sales required.

Also, Fiverr has millions of users monthly, so you can piggyback off their success and refer your audience or visitors to Fiverr.

My biggest gripe with the Fiverr program is that it only rewards First-Time Buyers (FTB).

This definitely hurts the long-term appeal of promoting Fiverr as you will no longer get rewarded for repeat customers.

Also, with the recent rise of AI and ChatGPT for affiliate marketing, a lot of Fiverr's gigs and services are no longer worth hiring freelancers for.

For example, I'm writing this blog on the JetPage website platform, which can write 2,000 word blog posts powered by ChatGPT in just minutes or less.

Before, I used to have to hire a writer on Fiverr and pay them around $100 to do the same job, not to mention wait for a 2-3 day turnaround time.

Overall, I still think Fiverr is a good program to join, just temper your expectations moving into the future.

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