Lego Affiliate Program Review: 2.4% Commission Rate (2023)

ODi Productions Sep 05, 2023
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Looking to join the Lego affiliate program? "Lego is the world’s most valuable toy brand for a ninth consecutive year", according to So, ready to learn how to get paid to promote fun Lego products you love and work with this powerful toy brand?

In this article, I'll be sharing my personal experience with Lego affiliate marketing and answer frequently-asked questions such as how it works, how to sign up, commission rates, and more.

Does Lego have an affiliate program? Is it real?

Yes, the official Lego affiliate program can be found on their official website here:

The Apple affiliate program is managed by the Rakuten advertising network, so you will need a Rakuten account in order to apply.

It is 100% real and completely free to sign up and join.

How much does the Lego affiliate program pay?

The Lego affiliate program pays 2.4% commission rate on qualifying products, depending on product category. There is also a 7-day cookie window duration. This means that if someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases a Lego product within 7 days, you can earn a 2.4% commission on that sale.

How do I apply for the Lego affiliate program?

You can apply for the Lego affiliate program through the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network. You will first need a Rakuten network account before applying to the individual Lego program.

Rakuten has shared a helpful guide on how to become a successful publisher and how to get approved.

Here are some excerpts from that guide:

  • Choose your market niche and focus

  • Determine your business model and plan

  • Build your website, blog, or custom social media site with original, quality content and add to it frequently

  • Generate traffic to your site and build your audience

  • Understand basic affiliate marketing monetization and how it fits your site

If you need help creating a professional affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

Pros and Cons of Lego affiliate


  • Affiliates earn 2.4% commission on products sold on (excluding delivery, taxes and returns)

  • Affiliates can take the advantage of reporting and sales tracking through our affiliate network partners.

  • Affiliates receive exclusive newsletters, product, and special promotion updates.


  • Higher commission rate for toys on other affiliate programs like Amazon Associates (3% vs. 2.4%)

  • Customers may be more likely to purchase Lego products from other online retailers like Amazon or Target as opposed to the official

  • 7-day cookie window duration is on the lower side

  • Rakuten Advertising account needed to apply

My personal experience with the Lego affiliate program

How awesome is affiliate marketing?

You're telling me that I get to be a kid again by playing with Legos, and potentially get PAID for it?

That's why I love this business model, no matter what your niche or passions are, there is probably a way to monetize it with affiliate marketing.

Did you know that the name Lego comes from the Danish phrase "LEG GODT", meaning "play well"?

That's a really fun fact that I just learned today while researching this article.

Anyways, onto my verdict on this affiliate program.

The 2.4% commission rate and 7-day cookie window is a bit on the lower side but as I understand it, there are some pretty high-ticket Lego sets and items.

I think aside from the official program, it would be very beneficial to offer affiliate links via Amazon Associates and Target affiliate programs in addition.

Also, eBay would probably be a good option as well since many valuable sets are being bought and resold there by enthusiasts.

That wraps it up for this one, carry on and "play well"! :)

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