Canva Affiliate Program Review: $36 Commissions (2023)

ODi Productions Sep 06, 2023
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Canva affiliate program

Looking to join the Canva affiliate program and get paid as a blogger or influencer? Canva is an online graphic design software that boasts over 125 million monthly users. Think of it as an easier-to-use Adobe Photoshop, where you can create graphics like YouTube thumbnails with templates in minutes. If you'd like to learn how to make money by referring people to Canva, read on!

In this article, I'll be sharing my personal experience with Canva affiliate marketing and answer frequently-asked questions such as how it works, how to sign up, commission rates, the benefits, and more.

Does Canva have an affiliate program?

Canva has an official affiliate program which you can find on their website. Canva's affiliate program is hosted on the Impact Radius affiliate network, one of the largest in the industry. You will need an account first before you can apply to the Canva affiliate program.

It is 100% legit and completely free to sign up and join.

How much does Canva affiliate program pay?

The Canva affiliate program pays up to $36 commission per each Canva "Pro Subscriber" that you successfully refer. There is a 30-day cookie window, so if someone clicks your affiliate link and upgrades to Canva Pro within 30 days, you can earn up to $36 in CPA commission.

Canva Pro costs around $12.99/month, although there is a free plan that is offered as well. You will only earn commission on successful signups to paid Pro Subscriber plans, not signups to their free plan.

Pros and Cons of Canva affiliates


  • Get paid up to $36 CPA commission on Canva Pro referrals

  • Affiliate resources to get you started: How to guide, Ad Templates just for Affiliates, Community tips and news

  • Simple, timely payments: You can choose to get paid via Paypal or e-transfer. We pay regularly, so you get your earnings sooner.

  • Priority support: Our email and live-chat support is available around the clock to ensure you can earn commissions trouble-free.

  • Track your results: Our cookie-based affiliate tracking software allows affiliates to be credited within 30 days of the first click.


  • 30-day cookie window can be relatively short compared to some programs in the software space with 60-day to 90-day windows

  • Only get paid CPA commission for referrals to Canva Pro, no commission for referrals or signups to Canva's free plan (which is the majority of Canva users)

Is Canva affiliate program worth it to join?

Yes, it's worth it to join Canva as an affiliate because it's completely free to join, with no fees and no minimum sales required. Also, Canva is steadily growing with millions of users monthly, so you can piggyback off their success and refer your audience or visitors to Canva which is a useful tool for pretty much anyone who needs graphics made. Personally, I am a fan and use Canva Pro myself, so I can vouch for the product.

Do you need a website to get approved by Canva affiliates?

Yes, since the Canva affiliate program is hosted on the Impact affiliate network, they will ask you for a website on your application to join the network.

If you need help creating a professional affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

My personal experience and thoughts on Canva affiliate program. Is it worth it?

After reviewing dozens of affiliate programs, I think the Canva affiliate program is a good fit for bloggers and influencers who are in the digital marketing and graphic design space.

I'm personally a big fan of Canva as a product, it makes it easy and simple to whip up some graphics for social media such as YouTube thumbnails, banners, and social media posts.

In fact, I used Canva to create the custom blog post thumbnail for this post!

Regarding Canva's affiliate program specifically, I think it is fair to get paid a $36 CPA commission on referrals to Canva Pro.

I just wish the cookie window was closer to 90-days as opposed to just 30 because I have a feeling a lot of people will sign up for Canva's free plan and use it for months before upgrading.

Overall, Canva is a recommend from me because they make an amazing product and as with most programs, it's free to join so why not make some extra commissions?

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