7 BEST Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Programs in 2023

ODi Productions Nov 03, 2023
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Looking to find the best Home Decor and Furniture affiliate programs available today? The Home Decor and Furniture market amounts to $125 BILLION in 2023, and expected to grow annually by 4.77%, according to Statista. Now is a great time to profit off a growing market as consumers invest into products like furniture, lighting, bedding, and more.

I'll be sharing my personal experience after investing dozens of hours of research to find the top Home Decor and Furniture affiliate programs available. I'll also answer frequently-asked questions such as which brands are included, how to sign up, commission rates, and more.

7. Etsy

Etsy.com is one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces for handmade goods, with sales growing by double-digits recently according to Bloomberg.

The Etsy affiliate program pays 4% commission rate per qualifying sale, depending on product category.

Etsy affiliate links have between a 7-day to 30-day cookie period. This means that if a user clicks your link and makes a valid purchase within 7 or 30 days, then you will receive a commission on the purchase price.

Etsy itself is a very large marketplace with tons of very cool personalized items and trinkets, that make really good gifts for special occasions and even just home decor.

I would recommend the Etsy affiliate program for those in the interior design and home decor niches, but the truth is that Etsy actually has a very wide range of product categories, so it would be unfair to put them in a narrow definition.

Read more about the Etsy affiliate program here:

6. Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement brick-and-mortar and online stores, recently experiencing a three-year period of unprecedented growth, growing sales by over $47 billion (according to CNN).

Home Depot pays affiliates 8% commission rate on select home décor products, 1% on appliances, 1% on products, mobile, and buy online pick up in-store orders.

The Home Depot Installation program features flexible paid and performance-based commission options starting between $20 - $200 per qualified lead submission.

The cookie duration is 1-day for the Home Depot affiliate program, and 30-days for the Home Depot Installation Program.

Read more about the Home Depot affiliate program here:

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5. Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, having generated $572 billion in 2022 alone, and boasting more than 230 million weekly customers!

With those sheer numbers, it is no surprise that Walmart's variety and selection of products is rarely matched outside of Amazon and Target.

Having taken a look at Walmart's "Top Rated Health and Wellness Products", there is no shortage of weight loss products.

If you'd like to learn more about the Walmart affiliate program, including their commission rates and how to sign up, I've written about this program in detail here:

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4. Target

Target is the 7th largest retailer in the world with over $100 billion in annual revenue.

Nearly 8 out of 10 people in the U.S. are Target customers, according to BusinessInsider.

Much like Walmart and Amazon, their sheer range and variety of products is unmatched by the smaller affiliate programs and even networks.

Target carries Home Decor products ranging from:

  • Bedding

  • Decorative Objects

  • Lamps & Lighting

  • Wall Decor

  • Seasonal Decor

  • Artificial Greenery

  • Candles

  • Kids' Decor

  • Storage

  • Picture Frames

  • Rugs

  • Throw Blankets and Pillows

  • Wall Shelves

  • Ceiling fans

  • Clocks

  • and more!

If you'd like to learn more about the Target affiliate program, including their commission rates and how to sign up, I've written about this program in detail here:

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3. Amazon Associates

Amazon, arguably the largest retailer in the world, also boasts the largest affiliate program called "Amazon Associates" with the most number of affiliates.

It seems like Amazon has almost everything you could ever want these days, all available for purchase with 2-day shipping or less with the click of a button.

Home Decor is a popular category as Amazon carries a huge number of products and brands.

If you'd like to learn more about the Amazon Associates affiliate program, including their commission rates and how to sign up, I've written about this program in detail here:

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2. Wayfair

After reviewing dozens of affiliate programs, the Wayfair affiliate program offers a great selection of products and brands for interior design, home furniture and improvement, and DIY bloggers or influencers.

In my opinion, I think Wayfair's selection of furniture and home goods rivals even a giant brand like Ikea.

They offer a 7% commission rate with a 7-day cookie window.

Read more about the Wayfair affiliate program here:


Ikea is the Swedish giant known for their furniture and home decor products, founded in 1943 according to Wikipedia.

Ikea's brand is very strong and attracts many millions of shoppers, ranging from college kids who need some cheap furniture, to families and businesses alike that need desks, chairs, and decorations.

With the recent rise in work-from-home (WFH) and remote work, Ikea's sales surely jumped through the roof as employees and businesses were scrambling to setup their home offices and desk setups.

The Ikea affiliate program pays up to 5% commission rate per qualifying sale, depending on product category. Ikea affiliate links have a 30-day cookie period.

Read more about the Ikea affiliate program here:

How do you get approved for Home Decor affiliate programs?

In order to get approved for Home Decor affiliate programs and networks, it is required to have a relevant website and to apply. Here is a list of the types of websites who they typically partner with:

  • Bloggers (specifically in the Home Decor, DIY, Interior Design, Home Improvement Niches)

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Content Creators (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram)

  • Media

  • Editorial publications

If you need help creating a professional affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

My personal thoughts and experience with Home Decor and Furniture affiliate marketing

Having now been a professional affiliate marketer for over 10 years, having generated over 7-figures in commissions, the Home Decor and Furniture niche is a great one.

Valued at over $100 Billion and growing over 4% annually, this is a very large market and the upward trend in growth is promising.

If you run an interior design blog or similar, there are many opportunities to capitalize with affiliate marketing with brands like Ikea and Wayfair.

Also, the commission rates can be quite generous, and some of these items can be quite high-ticket as well.

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