Lowes Affiliate Program Review: 0.8% Commission Rate (2023)

ODi Productions Sep 04, 2023
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Interested in joining the Lowes affiliate program, but want to learn more about it first? In this article, I'll be sharing my experience by reviewing this affiliate program. I will share info on how to sign up, what products and brands they offer, commission rates, and more.

Does Lowes have an affiliate program? Is it free to join?

Yes, the official Lowes affiliate program is hosted on the FlexOffers affiliate network. You will need a FlexOffers account in order to apply.

It is 100% legit and completely free to join.

How much does the Lowes affiliate program pay in commission rate?

The Lowes affiliate program pays a 0.8% commission rate on all qualifying sales, excluding lumber products and gift cards. Affiliate links have a 1-day cookie window. This means that if someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a valid purchase within 1-day from click (depending on the link), you will earn up to 0.8% commission on that sale.

What are the requirements to get approved as a Lowes affiliate?

Since the Lowes affiliate program is on the FlexOffers affiliate network, you will first need to get approved into FlexOffers before you can even apply to Lowes' individual program.

You will need a live, functioning website with a custom domain in order to get approved into the FlexOffers network.

Once you get a FlexOffers account, you can search up "Lowes" within the Advertiser directory and then click "Apply Now" to send in an application.

To increase your chances of getting approved, I recommend having a professional website/blog in a relevant niche. In this case, that would be home improvement, DIY (do it yourself), or interior decor.

If you need help creating a professional affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

My personal thoughts and experience on the Lowes affiliate program

My initial reaction to the 0.8% commission rate and 1-day cookie window was that this seems quite stingy...

But after looking at direct competitors such as Home Depot, which has a 1% commission rate and also a 1-day cookie window, I realize that this is par for the course.

From my understanding, Lowes seems to specialize slightly more in Appliances compared to Home Depot, and the margins must be thin to only be able to offer 1% commission or less.

At the end of the day, these are quite large and bulky products that require real shipping/transportation and added logistical headaches.

Either way, as an affiliate I can't complain, free money is better than no money at all.

Best Affiliate Program Alternatives to Lowes

If you're interested in the DIY and home improvement niche, then I highly recommend you also check out Home Depot which is very similar to Lowes.

Home Depot has a similar commission structure, even slightly higher at a 1% rate, but still with just a 1-day cookie window.

If you want to learn more, I wrote in-depth about Home Depot's program below.

Home Depot affiliate program review

Home Depot affiliate program

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