Target Affiliate Program Review: Target Partners (2023)

ODi Productions Sep 04, 2023
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Looking to join the official Target affiliate program, aka "Target Partners"? Good idea, as Target is the 7th largest retailer in the world with over $100 Billion in annual revenue. Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 people in the U.S. are Target customers?

In this article, I'll share my personal experience with Target affiliate marketing and answer frequently-asked questions such as how it works, how much they pay in commission rates, how to sign up and get approved, and more!

Does Target have an affiliate program? Is it free to join?

Yes, Target has an official affiliate program that is called "Target Partners". It is hosted on the Impact Radius affiliate network, so you will first need to have an account before you can apply.

Target Partners is completely free to sign up and join!

How much do you make as a Target affiliate?

The Target affiliate program pays up to 8% commission rate depending on the product category, for each qualifying purchase. Target has a 7-day cookie window, so if someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a qualified purchase within 7 days, you will earn up to 8% commission on the sale of those product(s).

Pros and Cons of Target Partners affiliate program


  • Generous commissions up to 8% per qualified sale

  • Free to join

  • Affiliate resources include links, banners, and interactive widgets you can place on your website

  • Piggyback off Target's huge brand and customer base

  • Very wide range of products in virtually every category

  • Dedicated program manager to answer any of your questions


  • 7-day cookie period duration is a bit on the shorter side

  • Consumers may be more likely to use an Amazon Associates affiliate link when ordering things online

  • Need an Impact Radius account to join before applying

How do I get approved for Target affiliate program? Do you need a website?

According to the official website: "Any website owner, blogger or influencer that runs a family-friendly website and has mainly US-based viewership is eligible to join the Target Partners Program, subject to the program’s terms and conditions."

So yes, you will need a family-friendly website to get approved into Target's affiliate program, like with most of the top affiliate programs and networks.

Also, the program is part of the Impact Radius network, so you will need an Impact account before you can apply.

If you need help creating your affiliate website quickly, check out my affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

How can I become an influencer for Target and get paid to review products at home?

Target recommends that influencers join their Target Partners program if they want to be able to get paid for product reviews at home. There is no separate influencer program aside from Target Partners. After you get approved into the Target Partners program, you can begin generating affiliate links for any Target products you wish to promote. When users click these links and make a purchase within the 7-day cookie period, you will get paid up to an 8% commission rate on those purchases.

How does Target partner work?

First, you will need to apply to the program and be approved.

Once you are approved, Target partner pays up to 8% commission on each qualifying purchase made within the 7-day cookie window.

This means that if someone clicks your affiliate link, you will be rewarded for any and every purchase made within that 7-day window after they clicked, not just the first purchase.

My personal thoughts and experience with Target affiliate marketing

In my personal opinion, Target affiliate marketing is quite underrated compared to alternatives like Amazon and Walmart.

Target has been quietly improving their ecommerce experience, and more and more people are ordering things online from Target, especially in big metro cities in the USA where people don't drive cars.

From an affiliate perspective, I can see that Target is investing heavy resources into making their affiliate program attractive to website owners and influencers.

With generous commission rates up to 8%, it certainly doesn't hurt to add Target affiliate links in addition to your run-of-the-mill Amazon Associates links seen in so many websites and blogs.

I've rarely seen Target and Walmart affiliate links alongside the Amazon links, but it serve your visitors better and provide a better experience by giving them plenty of options.

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