High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $100/day as a digital nomad

ODi Productions Jan 06, 2023
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Interested in learning how to live on a beach collecting $100 per day in affiliate commissions? I talked to one of my Passive Income Lifestyle students, Mike M. who has been experiencing the true freedom of affiliate marketing. 

He shared how he was able to go from working a job he hated, to living on a beach, working on his own terms thanks to high ticket affiliate marketing. He breaks down how he built his business, how to find good affiliate programs, and what tools he uses to get an edge. 

You can listen to the podcast for the full hour-long conversation, or keep reading for a summary!

Why affiliate marketing? 

Mike realized he did not want to do the 9-5 grind. And was looking for another way to get the freedom he always wanted. 

“anytime I had an internship or I was in an office, I was just going crazy. I just didn't like the feeling of like having to go to a specific location at a specific time when someone tells me what, when to go and what to do.”

He first started by looking into dropshipping with Shopify. He realized that despite how easy people make it seem, there’s a huge amount of risk and work involved. You have to worry about customer service, inventory, and all kinds of things. 

So after that he then moved into trying to do a white label marketing agency. He worked on it for a year but couldn’t get it to scale, and it took a ton of work to get clients. 

He then happened to get a copywriting job off of Upwork, because people saw his writing samples from his previous business efforts. So he started doing copywriting to make some money. 

He then stumbled onto the OdiProductions YouTube channel and decided to take the Passive Income Lifestyle course to see how he could add passive affiliate marketing revenue to his copywriting efforts.  

Even though his first business were a failure in some way, they also taught him a lot, in terms of what business models are sustainable, how to reinvest to grow, and how to write sales copy!

How Mike found high-ticket affiliate marketing 

One of the big things I always preached to my students was to try and get into high ticket affiliate marketing. That is affiliate products with commissions of $50 and up. This allows you to succeed with a much smaller niche. 

Mike started looking for opportunities and was able to use his copywriting job, to work out an affiliate deal with a brand new product. He was able to get a high ticket commission for each sale. 

If you want to learn more about where to find affiliate products, check out my article on the best affiliate programs for beginners HERE.  Thinking outside the box like Mike did allows you to find opportunities that nobody else does. 

He then used the strategies he was learning in Passive Income Lifestyle to start scaling and building up his business. He focused on SEO and getting free organic traffic. 

While he recommends using paid traffic to speed things up when he was starting he didn’t have the resources to invest into paid. So he started with SEO. You can learn more about SEO for affiliate marketing HERE.

 He also realized he could apply these same strategies to other niches and started working on other websites as well. 

The software Mike uses to scale up his high ticket affiliate marketing business...

So what tools does Mike use for his affiliate businesses? For keyword research, he uses a Google Chrome Extension called Keywords Everywhere. He recommends this tool for beginners if you’re not ready to spring for Ahrefs yet. 

Keyword research is vital if like Mike, you want to use SEO to grow your business. He also tries to publish content 2-3 times per week. He does hire outside copywriters for smaller pieces and then writes big pieces himself. 

For his websites, while in the past he used to use WordPress, he has now switched to JetPage. Since it’s built for SEO and affiliate marketers, has a brand new affiliate program that offers commissions starting at $50. 

He says that JetPage allows him to get his websites up and running way faster, and give him a huge technical SEO boost. You can learn more about why JetPage is perfect for affiliate marketers HERE. 

For email marketing, he currently uses ConvertKit but is considering switching to Active Campaign in the future.

To hear Mike’s amazing full story make sure to listen to the full episode! You can find Mike at either michaeljmcgovern.com or at ultimatehuman.or. Make sure to join his email list to get all the latest on his journey!